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My thoughts: Ground Penetrating Radar on Local Cemetery, La Ronge

Good afternoon to all my followers and visitors. I have been very busy at my place of employment. There are many very exciting initiatives taking place regarding our language and culture. I am happy to say we are making much progress.  The Cree language and culture department has many new things happening. I will disclose details when it is time.

We are currently in talks with leadership about building a website about residential schools in our communities. There are interviews in the works and we are hoping for a good response. A colleague of mine is adamant about getting this information out and I totally respect his opinion and his drive to reach out to our communities.

We recently had a group of people doing ground penetrating radar (GPR) to our residential school cemetery. We are now awaiting for the results. Many people are on both sides of the argument that we need to find out this information and the other side says we should leave the graves in peace.

I believe that the graves should be scanned so we can get some closure about the past community members that are buried there. I do not mean any disrespect to people who believe we should leave the past alone.

This GPR  is happening all over the country. I hope our neighbors down south do the same thing. The first count of 215 in BC was a wake up call for our country. We need to keep up the aggressiveness of our resolve to find out the truth.  There has been too many stories suppressed about our past. We are never going to forget.

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