Allen Morrow


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Box 445
La Ronge, Saskatchewan
S0J 1L0

1 (306) 420-7008

Art display
Allen at the recent BPES Indoor sale on February 27, 2016

Acrylic paint is the preferred medium for Aboriginal artist Allen Morrow. His artwork commonly consists of circular patterns describing a theme “We are as one in a global unity”, in other words “family”.

Over the years, Allen has gained a respective reputation for his style of creative thought and imagery.
Self-discipline in university has proved as a motivation in his studies and convocated with a B.A. degree. Education is a key factor in “finding yourself” in our society and a greater understanding is benefited.
Allen respects and appreciates those who have guided him in the “world of art” including musicians alike.
Artist’s quote: “Avoid judging until you find your own ‘mirror of life’”