Moon Rising

Steve was walking to school and noticed his friends Tom and Chris were talking. Steve knew how Tom was and that Tom was probably doing all the talking while Chris stood there nodding his head. He soon came upon them. “Hey guys, what’s happening?”

“Didn’t you hear? There was a killing last night.” Tom says, “I hear an animal attacked them and ate them.”

“What? Who?” Steve says.

“Mike and Paul,” Toms says, “I guess they were out on the edge of town late last night.”

“Holy Man! What kind of animal?”

“They say it might be a bear or maybe even a wolverine.”

Steve’s mouth hangs open as he tries to absorb the terrible news. Tom looks at Steve curiously, “Well?”

“Well what?” Steve asks.

“Well, what do you think?”

“I think I’m really shocked, I think I’m saddened. What the Hell do you think I think? This is serious stuff!” Steve says, as he shakes his head in disbelief . “Two of our classmates died last night,” Steve continues, “and all you care about is ‘what I think,'” Steve decides to go farther, “It must be great for you to have something so interesting to talk about, but you should show more consideration.”

Tom stands there dumbfounded and feels ashamed that he even asked such a discerning question, for awhile anyway. “Chris what do you think?” Tom says as catches Chris off guard.

“I …What do you mean?” Chris says.

“About the killings.”

“I already told you.” Chris says awkwardly.

“Well tell me again” insists Tom.

“Well whatever Steve said I guess.”

“That’s not …What you … oh forget it, I have to go talk to some other people, bye!.” Tom leaves and immediately comes upon a group of people to talk to.

Steve and Chris start walking to their classes. “So Chris, how are you holding up?”

“I’m alright I guess.”

“That’s strange, I thought you were good friends with Mike and Paul?”

“I was, ” explains Chris, “I just don’t know how to react to the news I guess.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say you didn’t care or anything.” Apologizes Steve.

“I’ll be fine.” Assures Chris.

A few weeks pass as Steve thinks about his little discussion with Chris that afternoon. Chris always seems to be so quite and unwilling to debate about anything. He more or less agrees with everything his friends have to say. Tom is another story. He always finds something to talk about, and the newer and more interesting it is, the better.

Tom sits at home thinking about the massacre that happened almost a month ago. He just feels he has to know what happened. Suddenly, he gets a great idea.

The next day at school, Tom goes around asking if anyone wants to join him on an investigation of the killings that happened. He pretty much covered everybody except Steve and Chris. Steve and Chris come out of the school at home time and see Tom standing on the sidewalk staring at them. “What’s up with you?” Asks Steve.

“I need your help,” Tom says, “I can’t find anyone who wants to help me out.”

“With what?” Questions Steve, as he looks at Tom suspiciously.

“To investigate the killings last month.”

“What? Are you out of your mind?” Asks Steve, “You know it was an animal who did the killing, not some crazy murderer.”

“How can we be sure, man? The moon was full that night. I checked the calendar.”

“So it was a cannibal or something? Maybe the Wehtigo? Or maybe it was the Bigfoot coming to eat the Indians during the full moon.” Steve laughs

“I’m thinking it was a guy who has a vicious dog with him, maybe two vicious dogs.”

“Yeah there are alot of mutts on the reserve, but they’re all too damn stupid to kill their own prey.”

“Maybe their owner is a loony person who just loses it during the full moon.”

“I don’t know Tom. It sounds to hard to believe.”

“Remember a few months back? There was another killing that was very similar.”

“Yeah. It was the old wino guy. I heard about it. He was a loner from another reserve. Nobody even bothered to identify the poor old’ guy’s body.”

“You know what’s interesting about that?” Asks Tom as he anticipates Steve’s obvious answer.


“The moon was full.”

“The moon was full?”

“The moon was totally full.” Explains Tom with a smile on his face.

“Just the same I’d rather not go with you. It’s too stupid.”

“Well Chris will come with me. Won’t you Chris?”

“I … don’t ..”

“Come on Chris don’t be like that.”

“I …”

“Chris, you don’t have to go with him.” Says Steve.

“I … Okay, I’ll go Tom, but only because I want to know what happened to my friends.”

“Right on Chris, I knew I could count on you.”

“I guess I’ll go too.” Steve says, “But only so you don’t get Chris in trouble.”

“Great, we’ll take off about eleven, I’ll call you guys anyway.”

“Tonight?” Asks Steve.

“Tonight’s the full moon, see ya.”

That night, Tom lead Steve and Chris to the edge of town at an old parking lot where the killings took place. They found a place just off the lot where it was bushy enough to hide them as they waited. After a while, they waited some more. “…What are we supposed to be looking for?” asks Chris.

“You have to be quiet Chris, the killer might hear you.” Tom explains “The moon is at its fullest and my BB gun is pumped and ready.”

“Why did you bring that anyway?” Steve says, “If we do see something and you shoot it, you’ll probably just piss it off some more.”

“Be quiet now.” Toms whispers.

The boys wait quietly for another hour before anyone says anything. “Guys I’m starting to get hungry.” Chris says,”Shouldn’t we go home now?” he asks.

“Yeah Tom it’s almost 1 am, we should get going soon.” Steve adds.

“Lets give it one more hour guys,” Tom pleads, “I just know something’s bound to show up.”

“Thirty minutes, and I’m gone.” Steve says.

As Tom and Steve look on intensively, Chris starts to wonder if its a good idea to ask if the guys have any snacks on them. He decides not to bother. Chris is always too shy to impose on anybody. He often wonders how his friends can be so brave and why he is so timid. He thinks back of the times he just could not say no to his friends, including Mike and Paul. For some reason, he starts to remember vividly where he was when the killings happened. It was becoming clear, whereas before, he couldn’t even remember where he was that evening. “Guys, I’ve got to tell you something.” Chris says.

“Chris be quiet,” Tom demands, “the killer is coming.”

“Where?” Steve asks surprisingly.

“Right there.” Tom says as he slowly points to just off the side of the lot.

The creature slowly walks toward the middle of the lot where a big garbage can was resting. Tom gets his gun ready and takes careful aim. POP!, goes the BB gun as the startled creature runs off. Tom and Steve jump up and dash for the parking lot. Chris, for some reason, starts to feel a deep hunger. His veins starts to pulse all over his body.

At the garbage bin, Tom and Steve look toward the bush dumbfounded. Why would a bear come out during the full moon? They thought.

As they headed back to their spot, they heard moans and gasps from where Chris was lying. “Are you okay Chris?” Asks Steve. But all they hear is painful noises.

Chris starts to realize that hair is forcing through his clothes and claws through his shoes, and as he begins to settle down, the sight of fresh game stands before him.

The next day at school, Chris notices a commotion among the students outside the building. He over hears a group’s discussion. One of the students sees him and runs over to him. “Hey Chris did you hear? There was a killing last night.”

The End