Cree Hunters Battle the Wihtikō

Long ago, in a remote Cree community deep in the Canadian wilderness, the winter had been particularly harsh. The hunters had returned from their expeditions empty-handed, and the food supplies were running low. The elders gathered to discuss the situation and decided to hold a sacred ceremony to ask for guidance and protection from the spirits.

During the ceremony, a strange and unsettling feeling came over the people. Suddenly, a figure appeared on the edge of the village, looming tall and thin with a twisted face and piercing eyes that glowed in the dark. The figure was Wihtikō, a creature of legend known to possess humans and drive them to madness and cannibalism.

The Cree people were terrified and knew that they had to act quickly to protect themselves. The hunters gathered their weapons and set out to track Wihtikō down, while the women and children barricaded themselves inside their homes.

Days passed, and the hunters finally found Wihtikō deep in the forest. They fought a fierce battle, but the creature was too strong and elusive, and the hunters began to fear that they would never be able to defeat it.

Then, an elder remembered a story that his grandfather had told him, about a way to defeat Wihtikō using sacred herbs and rituals. He shared the story with the hunters, and they set to work gathering the necessary ingredients.

The hunters returned to the village, where the elder prepared the sacred medicine and performed the ritual. Wihtikō was drawn to the village, and the hunters were ready. They attacked Wihtikō with the sacred medicine and were able to drive the creature away.


The Cree people celebrated their victory and continued to honor their traditions and stories, knowing that their connection to the natural world and the spirits would continue to protect them. They continued to tell the story of Wihtikō to future generations, as a reminder of the importance of respect, cooperation, and spiritual connection.


omācīw – hunter

omācīwak – hunters



Teepee Image by David Mark from Pixabay

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