Days of the Week in Woodland Cree

Days of the week, as a kid, I remember the days of the week were rarely mentioned. My parents taught us Cree from the get-go, but it was not until my little sister and I started school that we learned about the terms for the weekdays in Cree. I will begin with Monday because that is the first day of the week.

I have placed the days of the week in a table below so that you may go from one weekday to another without having to scroll past the images to play the audio clips (I just wanted to show off my skills anyway).

Monday piyakokīsikāw
Tuesday nīsokīskāw
Wednesday nistokīsikāw
Thursday niyokīsikāw
Friday niyānanokīsikāw
Saturday mātināwikīsikāw
Sunday ayamihīwikīsikāw
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