The Native Secret Society (NSS)

Complete PDF transcript of video: The Native Secret Society.

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It has been happening for centuries, a secret society whose goal is to keep Indians in a low level of depravity.

You look around today and see many of our fellow Natives at a state of need and dependency.

For many years, especially the last several years, there has been a society that runs things in the background. Not even the current Chief & Council know about it’s existence. However, even they are at the mercy of the NSS, the Native Secret Society.

There is an NSS member in each community of our band. Meetings take place unknowing by the band membership. The NSS have secret venues that are known by some regular band members, but the regular reservation people are told that they are in the way of a building inspection and are told to leave.

I had a recent interview of a former band worker who refused to reveal his identity. He contacted me by email and the interview took place over a webcam. The recording which he intentionally darkened to hide his face and mask his voice.

Many of the band houses on reserve are built badly to keep the self-esteem of Natives low. A few people have gotten out by moving off-reserve but even they are held back by Native politics. Many are subject to ignorance by the Native leaders who insist that their assistance is bounded by policy.

The story unfolded over a century ago when the federal government met with various tribes about the treaties.