Forbidden Drive

houseDavid and Carla had been driving for 30 minutes to pick up more beer. The house party they were at, went dry after some young people were sneaking drinks from the old couple that lived there.

It was twilight at that time and they still had 40 minutes to go before they could even get to the off-sale establishment. With one-hundred dollars to spare, they could get 30 bottles of beer and enough for smokes.

David was up all-night the night before. He was having trouble keeping his eyes open. Carla had offered to drive but David insisted he could do it.

When they arrived at the bar, David let Carla sleep while he went in to purchase the “good stuff” as they called it.

As they drove off back to their community, David slowly sipped a beer as Carla was still sleeping. David decided that he too was tired and decided to park along a roadside map and take a nap himself.

curveAfter awhile, David groggily woke up and started up the van. He picked up speed and as he went along a curve he found himself and the van crushed up against a tree. He looked to his right and didn’t find Carla anywhere. He looked up ahead amidst the flickering headlights, he saw Carla lying on the ground. David began to yell out her name but Carla did not move.

David looked around and in complete guilty confusion he screamed “I’m sorry Carla, I’m so sorry” as tears streamed down his face he closed his eyes tight and put his head down, “why was I so stupid?”

As David slowly lifted his head up, and looked to his beautiful Carla… she wasn’t there. He tried looking further ahead of her landing but nothing was to be seen.
As he looked around bewildered and hopeful, he looked out his side window and there was Carla.

The next morning, the police and EMTs were writing up their reports. The area where Carla may have fell had a trail of blood leading to the driver’s side and it looked like both David and Carla walked away from the crash site. However, the trail ends not far from the van, as if they lifted off somewhere.

carTo this day when a drunk driver goes along this stretch of the road, the vehicle seems to lose it’s power and completely comes to a halt. Only when the driver has passengers and starts to sober up, does the vehicle start running just fine again.

People believe that David and Carla are preventing the demise of other good people from making the same mistake.