The Eagle Flies into the Past – mikisiw kayās isi pimithāw

One day, an eagle had returned to the north on the month of his name, mikisiw pīsim, March. He was happy to be back and greeted many of his friends, “tānisi mōswa, mīna kihtwām kiwāpamatin” – “How are you doing moose, I have seen you again.”

mōswa responded, “namwāc nānitaw, mikisiw, ninanāskimon ī-wāpamitām kihtwām.” – “I am fine eagle; I am thankful to see you again.”

Mikisiw, flew over a pack of wolves, “tānisi mahikanak, nimithīthihtīn ī-wāpamitakwāw.” – “How are you wolves doing, I am happy to see you again.”

“namwāc nānitaw, mikisiw, kitakahkinākosin.” – “We are fine, eagle, you look great,” the wolves responded in unison, as they admire the great bald eagle.

The eagle flew over his territory to begin a day’s hunt for a scarce meal. He flies over treetops and over raging rivers. If it was not for the nearby human towns, the landscape would be so beautiful, he can only imagine what it used to look like.

How the land and waters must have looked in days past. However, garbage and smog are the reality he lives in. In the distance, he sees a floating circle of leafless trees, twirling in a counterclockwise motion. He had never seen such a phenomenon in his life.

He flies closer to the circle as he wonders what it could be. As he looks through to the other side, he sees the same landscape without the smog he has grown accustomed to. mōswa calls out to him, “kāwitha ikotī isi pimithā, namwāc kikiskīthihtīn kīkway anima katihtipathik.” – “Do not fly in that direction, you do not know what that is, that is rotating.”

mikisiw, ignores mōswa and flies even closer because he sees something wonderful. He makes one last turn and flies into the circle of wonder. Suddenly, he gets sucked into the leafless circle and tumbles through the air and falls to the ground. He collects himself and gets up. He looks up to the circle, only to see it collapse into itself.

mikisiw, jumps into flight and makes his way to the river. Only this time, there is an increased flow of fish than just 10 minutes before. Where did they come from? Earlier, there were barely more than a few fish when he flew over to greet mōswa.

mikisiw explores the vast area which is his territory. He is in awe of the pristine beauty of it all. Did he die and go to the next world? Is this place where his ancestors go to when they pass? He has no idea, but he enjoys the air and the great meals he can have in this world.

A bear near the river looks up at mikisiw, “awina ōma kītha?” – “Who are you?”

“mikisiw, nitisithīhkāson, kītha māka?” – “My name is mikisiw, what about you?”

“maskwa nitisithīhkāson,”- “My name is maskwa” replies the bear.

mikisiw flies away to explore some more. It is a new world and a chance for a new beginning. As a young eagle about to find a mate, he is happy it will be at such a beautiful, untouched place. He sees a nearby tree branch he can sleep on and get ready for the next day. As he is about to land, a rush of air sucks him toward the sky. He knows what it is: “TĀNIHKI?” – “WHY?” He screams as he is rolling rapidly into the circular, leafless twigs.

When eagle wakes up, he is laying on a pile of garbage on the side of a dirt road. This is his reality and the reality of our mother earth. It was not him, mōswa, maskwa or any other pisiskiw (animal), it was the humans who did this.

Today, almost all humans are doing this.

tānihki? – why?

pisiskiw – animal

mikisiw pīsim –  March