Cree Pages – IMAGES & AUDIO

Cree Language Terms with images and audio.

Days of the Week in Woodland Cree
Aunties, Uncles and Cousins in Woodland Cree – Terms for Females and Males
Wild Animals in Plains Cree (Y-Dialect). 
MONTHS IN WOODLAND CREE – From January December
Animate Colours – Animate, describing the colour of a living thing. For example: The wolf is white – mahihkan wāpiskisiw or wāpiskisiw mahihkan
Inanimate Colours  – Inanimate, describing the colour of a non-living thing. For example: The book is blue – masinahikan sīpihkwāw or sīpihkwāw masinahikan
Nouns in Woodland Cree TH – Common nouns such as woman and man.

Trees in Woodland Cree – Basic terms for trees that are local to La Ronge and Hall Lake and many other places.

Clothes in Woodland Cree (TH) – Basic clothing in Woodland Cree
Immediate Family in Woodland Cree (TH) – Used by both male and female. First person possessive.
Simple Verbs in Woodland Cree (TH) – Several verbs are showcased with audio and images.
Weather Terms in Woodland Cree (TH) – The weather terms I have heard over the years. They are appropriate for the weather we often face in Canada.

Birds in Woodland Cree (TH) – The birds covered in this page are ones that I have seen myself as some point. There are many more but the basic birds are listed.

bear – maskwa
bear – maskwa

Wild Northern Animals – Woodland Cree (TH) – There are many animals in Northern Saskatchewan and many are covered here. Buffalo is covered to accommodate our Southern friends.

Various Cree Memes with Audio – Mainly Woodland Cree (TH). There are at least two plains Cree terms. Many of these are displayed in the FREE CREE IMAGES, but this page has the audio with the term.

Images available can be download for free and are NOT for sale or resale. This is a courtesy I am providing so please respect my wishes and share with others.

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