About Me

I created this beautiful website: https://firstnationstories.com/ on May 10, 2009 but I did not create the Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/firstnationstories/) until April 26, 2015.

In 2014, I started attending NORTEP, I recently completed my B.ED, majoring in Indigenous Studies. I have time, in the evenings and weekends, to create and entertain followers using stories, videos  and images with our beautiful Cree language.

As a child, I went to trapline many times with my parents and siblings. Much of my time was spent with my late grandfather. He taught me to tell stories with hand gestures and facial expressions that help to visualize the events as they are happening. I use Cree word as best as I can, however, many stories were written before my writing skills improved through education.

When we were not in the trapline, I would be on the reserve with my maternal grandparents. They had a TV, and a collection of encyclopedias and National Geographic magazines, that I devoured when I was not playing outside and exploring the surrounding area.

Using my skills as a Web Developer and the fortunate (semi-fluent) Cree language writing & speaking skills, I decided to build my own website. With various technical skills, such as video, audio and image editing, I can create without boundaries, with respect to my visitors and followers.

I’ve designed several websites for the Lac La Ronge Indian Band including:

I hope you continue to support this website, it is a labour of love and I wish to keep it online as long as I can.

Charlie Venne