My Online Cree Sources – Social Media and Websites 2023

There have been new online sources since last year. It is a great time for speakers and learners of our beautiful language. There is hope for the future, as there are many learner pages and channels developed by dedicated people that would love to learn the language. Please look at the list below and feel free to share on social media. Several broken links have been removed, all the links below are tested and work just fine.

New Facebook pages I discovered and joined:

Learn Cree Online –

Proud to be Cree –
This page is requesting an admin, hopefully they can get one.

Repeat After Me Cree Learning –

Land-Based Education K – 12 Plains & Woodland Cree Tanya McCallum (Not necessarily a Cree language page, but it is a Land Based page that might be of interest) –

Facebook pages I follow:

#CreeSimonSays –

Nêhiyawêwin (Cree) Word/Phrase of the Day –

Cree Language Resources ᓀᐦᐃᔭᐍᐏᐣ –

Cree Language Videos –

YouTube Channels of Interest:

Fluent Cree Speakers playlist by Cathy Wheaton Bird –

#CreeSimonSays –

Cathy Wheaton Bird #creebycathy –

Cree Literacy Network –

Cree Phrases –

BentArrowYEG –

Pow wow Times –

BearPaw Media and Education –

Aaron Fay –

HPSD Indigenous Education –

want2speakcree –

Amiskwaciy History Series –

Websites I have used:

Cree Literacy Network –

This website has many great posts regarding our beautiful language, and it offers text, audio, video and downloadable content such as Cree calendars. It is awesome, be sure to check it out.

Learn Cree –

This website is a duplicate of the former Gift of Language and Culture website.

itwêwina – A dictionary that understands what you’re looking for. –

This site has many variations of Cree words in the linguistics column after a search. I still use it extensively. It is very easy for me to convert the SRO they use, to the SRO for Woodland Cree.

Online Cree Dictionary –

I have not used this website extensively as of late, however, it was the first online dictionary I ever used and I figure I should keep it on my list for this year.

Welcome to the Plains Cree Dictionary! –

I only used this page a few times since I found it, search results are complete with syllabics and whether the terms are animate or inanimate verbs or nouns.

The following websites do not translate or interpret Cree words in any way; however, they can convert SRO to syllabics. Welcome –

Cree SRO ⇔ syllabics converter –

U of R – Cree: Language of the Plains / nēhiyawēwin: paskwāwi-pīkiskwēwin

This Collection has PDFs and audio files that you may download to your computer for personal use.

The websites below are from a Google search, maybe you will find them useful in your quest to learn our beautiful language.

Solomon Ratt Query –

“52 Weeks Of Cree Language Lessons….Absolutely Free,” –

Brought to you by Powwow Times. I have not joined the program, but I am sure it will be of interest to many learners or speakers that need a refresher.

Vocabulary in Native American Languages: Cree Words –

Cree language – nīhithawīwin


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