Google Search Impact: 5.5K clicks in 28 days – NOV 15, 2023

This website, has reached an important milestone, 5500 clicks in four weeks. I realize it is not a large number compared to many other websites, but it is not a mainstream site and is supported organically by followers on the Facebook page: ( .

I am so proud of the growth and hope it continues to grow over many more years. I have given this website, so much of my time and I am grateful that is it has come this far. I have been very happy to share my stories with you and to give a platform for three local artists to show what they can do.

The website domain and hosting is pretty much paying for itself right now. Before this year, I had to use a GoFundMe page for support because I was having trouble keeping up with the payments. I have since closed the GoFundMe. Thank you all for your support.

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