Just Another Pretendian? – Buffy Sainte-Marie

Is she just another Pretendian? I was not going to take part in the Buffy controversy. I did not even think much of her music, but I loved her presence, her charisma and representation of Indigenous people. When I heard she was a Cree, I was very proud, because I am Cree.

I remember seeing her on Sesame Street and I was very happy to see a fellow Indian on such a pedestal. One of us was making it. She was shy, but dynamic at the same time.

It was a time when I would see all the white folks with their nice houses and nice cars and wondered why we were not living that way. Why were our houses so shabby and our cars old and breaking down. Why was it like that for us. Why was there so much alcohol ravaging our little Indian communities. I was happy to see an Indian, doing so well, It gave me hope. While I knew it is a place I would never see, I could see many talented Indians making it in this world.

Buffy gave many of us hope. “Us” meaning Indians. Why did it take so long for her doubters to find out the truth? It should have been nipped in the bud long ago. She is 82 years old. 82. The naysayers took this long to out her? I had hoped she would put the haters in their place, but she did not. How about a DNA test? That should put some minds at ease, right?

The situation still needs time to fester in our minds. However, I could not let my mind fester any longer. She has a chance, right now, to settle the score, as it were. I hope she makes amends in some way, a confession or proof of her real identity, would be great.

Am I affected that much? Probably not, but after the Joseph Boyden fiasco, I am, again, very disappointed. Boyden was even a showcased “Indigenous” author in one of my university classes. I wonder what the prof thinks about him now. The prof is not a friend, so I cannot ask him.

I am disappointed, but many people are very offended. She has her supporters, of course, who say she provided much awareness to Indigenous people’s problems and troubles. That is true, but she did it through a lie, a lifelong lie.

CBC – The emotional fallout of Buffy Sainte-Marie revelations (featuring great author, Drew Hayden Taylor) – https://www.cbc.ca/radio/frontburner/the-emotional-fallout-of-buffy-sainte-marie-revelations-1.7013244

The best song of Buffy that I ever heard her sing

Even Elvis sang one of the songs she wrote

Image by jools_sh from Pixabay


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