nikīsikām – My Day

I used to go to my hometown of Hall Lake regularly before COVID. I did not like to travel much at the time but seeing my family would be worth it. My mom would be happy to see me and while we do not do the hug thing, it was nice to be in her presence. The meals she cooked were always great and reminded me of when I was growing up in the house. My dad was home too and I do not always know how to act or behave around him because growing up, he would almost always be up north working. I am grateful they are doing well.

Lately, I have been going to Hall Lake once a month (I missed last month), to drive my parents to La Ronge to do some major shopping. We always take my niece MJ, who my parents are raising. She likes to talk and is never at a loss for words. Almost annoyingly so, she will bring up many topics about people and lifestyles. I humour her sometimes and have these discussions, but I only go so far.

Last year, I build an entire computer tower for her, as she paid for all the parts, piece by piece. I made sure to order quality parts for her, as I wanted her to have a quality workstation for her interests in digital art. She does quite well, and she is very talented. I am so proud of her.

I travelled to Hall lake today, to drop off my wife at our daughter’s house. She wanted to stay there for the weekend. It was good to see the kids doing well, however, my granddaughter was not home. I did see her outside a friends house while driving and we waved at each other. I wish I had had change to give her, but I did not have any. She loves going to store to buy candy, like other children do. She is such a little sweetheart, even when she doesn’t act like a little sweetheart.

I picked up my oldest son to go for a cruise. I enjoy these rides with my son and the discussions we have. There is always some laughter from our stories, and I am glad to have such a great relationship with him.

Here at home, I am with my daughters. They are great friends, but they would never admit it. I love them very much and hope they find themselves someday. For now, they can be my babies, even though they are both teenagers. I am sure that my main purpose to them, is keep their computers in tip top shape, and to open jars that are too hard to open. Never mind the bills I pay; they are worth every penny I need to spend to make sure they are okay and doing well.

Thank you taking the time to read this impromptu article, I am grateful to you all – kinanāskomitināwāw.

nikīsikām – My Day

kinanāskomitināwāw – I am grateful to you all


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