It is difficult collecting donations in First Nations communities.

In the last two years, I managed to raise $240 dollars to help with keeping my website online. The assistance was great and I appreciated the support.

While it is not essential or imperative for the website to be online for the survival of our language, it is important to me. I love sharing what I can remember about my late grandfather and to share Woodland Cree words with you. I enjoy the challenge of recording and editing audio. I wish I were an artist so that I could draw my own artwork. I have many ideas on the back burner and hope I can share them with you soon.

I wish I had a whole team to build this website. There is so much potential. I work full time and have little time to take care of the website and any media work that could be done. I get many personal requests that I cannot possibly cover, but thank goodness it has slowed down.

I had hoped many more people would get into tech, especially among young FN youths. There may be a hidden spatter of groups out there, but there have not been many that I noticed. Maybe once there is more support for technology in our Indigenous communities, there will be more interest, or maybe a hidden group will emerge (I hope).

So, I think it would be fair to say that technology is what is lacking in our communities. There would be many more employable people if there was computer training being encouraged. It would be great to work with a network of Indigenous techies, not Trekkies, techies (although FN Trekkies would be cool too).

Later, CV


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