I recently drew up a Legal Document online and it was very easy

Last week, I needed to draw up a contract for a deal I had in the works. I thought of copying and pasting from a contract template I found online but I decided that it was too much work. The wording would have to be edited and the contents would be out of place from the copy and paste from PDF to Word.

I thought of just writing it out myself and spending all the time it needed to get it right. I wondered if I could make one online and remembered I was part of an affiliate from LawDepot.

Their website covers many services from:

  • Estate
  • Real Estate
  • Financial
  • Business
  • Family

I went to the Business section and I found an easy way to draw up a service agreement by answering questions about the deal between myself and the other party. It was very easy, however, I did make a few mistakes and was able to redo the contract with appropriate details.

I had to first sign up for their seven-day trial, which was easy enough. After I completed and polished the details of the contract, a downloadable link was provided in PDF. From there I just needed to print and sign in the presence of the third party. It was very easy.

So if you decide you need some type of legal service, I would recommend LawDepot. You see all the ads on this page, click one and you can get started with a FREE 7-DAY trial. They will be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Have a great day.

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