I Created a Free Downloadable Lesson on TPT- I am Cree: Activities and Poster

This evening I decided to try out Teachers Pay Teachers. I have used it before when I was a teacher to get unique lessons for my students and it was such a joy (and a relief) to find awesome teaching resources and many for free, in all subjects.

The lesson I developed is based on a phrase I used on a Cree meme, NÊHIYAW NIYA – I AM CREE – https://firstnationstories.com/?p=3900 I opted to use Plains Cree at this time, but I would like to add a mix of Plains and Woodland Cree in the future.

Check it out, it is a FREE download! ⇓


This development took me about three hours, with many breaks in between, so maybe about 2 hours tops. I can imagine it would take much more time to develop more sophisticated lessons, so it will take a while to add useful lessons.

I had fun with it and I plan on making some more lessons for download. With the work that gets put in, I will charge an appropriate price for my lessons and I hope they catch on. There are premium options that cost money and they involve digital lessons which I know I can develop, given time.

If I end up having time to develop more content, I may just do that. I can easily use the contents of my website to make lessons and the graphic work would not be that difficult. This is an exciting time!

Background Image by Larisa Koshkina from Pixabay

Thank you for visiting, and have a Happy New Year!

New Years Day in Woodland Cree

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