Happy Holidays to all my Followers!

Well, Christmas is over and we are all recovering from the huge meals and relieved that all the shopping and traveling is. I went to see my parents over in Hall Lake, they were doing well and were happy to see most of us for the season. I must have had 4-5 plates of food on Christmas day, there was not for left leftovers but that is fine with me. I tend to get sick of turkey after a day or two.

The weather was too cold for us to take our grandchild sliding. She was happy to have around but she was disappointed not to go out. Hopefully, we can take her out soon, because we brought her along to stay with us for the week.

My daughters were happy to receive the presents they got. They are getting older and the magic is not there as much. I am happy they stayed with us for the most part.

The weather was not the best. I was hoping to check out the lake and explore a little bit. Some ice fishing would have been nice. The cold with the wind chill was too much. I am happy we were all healthy during the holidays.

Have a great new year, let us hope the new year is safer this time around.

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