I Submitted a Short Story to CBC Literary Prizes

I finally submitted a short story to CBC literary prizes, with 90 minutes to spare. I asked a friend of mine on the day of the deadline to go over and edit my story. She is actually a professional and I did not think to ask her sooner.

The contest opened in September, but I was very unsure about entering the competition. There are many great writers who enter and I felt a bit intimidated. I am glad I went through with it, even though there is little chance I will place. At least I am putting myself out there.

I almost entered the challenge last year but I was not confident enough. This year I figured I should at least try. Now I am thinking of joining other contests.

I feel somewhat revitalized about writing more stories. It can be fun when you are on a roll and creating entertaining content is important for this website.

I regretfully did not add any Cree to the story but I thinking about it, I really did not want to disrupt the flow of the story. I feel it is okay to add Cree for the website because I can easily put Cree audio clips under the text. This way people can slow down and listen to the audio and repeat to themselves to learn a bit of Cree.



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