A visit to Prince Albert, SK.

Here I am waiting in the truck while my family is shopping at Walmart. I had my fun at the NORTHERN LIGHTS Casino last night and now I am done with the little city.

I remember living here many years ago for high school. I ended up quitting because I had to deal with racist classmates and it became toxic enough that I couldn not handle it anymore. The teachers were great but at the time I felt too ashamed to talk about it.

I moved back to my hometown of Hall Lake and completed my grade 10 there a year later. I was grateful to all the support I received from the school staff.

I did not stay long enough to get inspired to write about living in a city. All my best memories and influences were from being in the trapline as a boy. I wish I knew enough to write about it but I do not have the inspiration to do so.

Maybe one of these days, I will write about it but for now,I will stick with what I know.

I am painstaking writing this blog on my cellphone. I hope the girls are having fun and sticking to their mother.


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