Time Off From First Nation Stories Website

I have decided to take some time off from this wonderful website until February break from February 17-21, 2020.  At which time, I can hopefully post stories and Cree blogs for my followers.

I need to spend more time with my teaching career, which has brought me much stress but has also brought me a sense of accomplishment.  I made a career change pretty late in my life and I have felt the painful transition all too well.

I want to do the best for my students and want them to know that I will do the best I can for them through my actions (if I tell them point blank, they would ask me for something, lol). I need to be a better role model and show them that dreams can come true and that they can accomplish anything they put their minds and efforts to. To many of my followers, this is a gimme, but to me, it is still new. I have forgotten how tough it is, to be a kid at that age.

I have spent too much time on this website. I always have it on the back of my mind. I think of stories or blogs I could write and ways of complimenting them with Cree audio and text. It is a good concept and I am glad it has garnered much followers and visitors. When I see a post by Simon Bird or Solomon Ratt, I get inspired to do something similar, to encourage our Cree language. It may still happen, but I don’t always have to act on it. Props to them and many others, for promoting our great language.

I need to give my teaching career my all. I need to stop worrying about going back to my quiet office at the band office and give this great opportunity the best I can. There are many supports at the school to take advantage of and for that, I am grateful. The support I have received is often overlooked by my wandering mind. I want to give my students the best I can offer. I have until June to do so. If I cannot accomplish what I want to do, then I can look elsewhere for employment. The students deserve better than that.





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