Poll Results – Cree First or English First

The results of the Facebook poll show that a little more than three quarters are in favour of using Cree first in all my bi-lingual posts and pages. I think I will try to keep Cree first for translations in poetry or narratives (kāwitha macīthihta – Do not have bad thoughts) and dialogue in my stories that have Cree translations available (The Eagle Flies into the Past – mikisiw kayās isi pimithāw).

I wish I could do entire translations in Cree for my stories, however, that would entail a great deal of my time, time I do not have as a teacher.

I appreciate the response from all my followers. I hope you all continue to check out the website. I hope to update at least once a week.

ninanāskimon kā ayimihtāyin nitācathohkīwina. Thank you for reading my stories.

All comments are welcome.

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