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Cree T-SHIRT Designs

A friend of mine, Arden Ogg from the Cree Literacy Network, recently suggested that I redesign an image I developed with the Cree phrase, “I Am Cree”. She believes that it is a powerful phrase for learners, and I wholeheartedly agree.

Below are the redesigned versions of the Cree memes with only the Cree words written on them.

Download JPG ⇓

Woodland Cree – I am Cree – Yesterday – Today – Forever

Download JPG ⇓

Plains Cree – I am Cree – Yesterday – Today – Forever

My only request, is that you please leave the text on the image, if you decide to get a custom t-shirt using my design.

Check out these online custom t-shirt stores with Canadian rates:

Entripy – 

Vistaprint –

You may use any image from the site gallery, and please keep my logo and/or url on the image.

Find other images on the link below:


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nistim otāpasinahikīwina – My niece’s drawings

Mary Jane Venne

nistim (my niece, my sister’s daughter) is currently 13 years old, when she was 11 years old, she did some artwork for her class. I was surprised at her natural artistic talent. I decided to showcase her work on my website, with her permission, to give her a platform to show it off. Her name is Mary Jane Venne.