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The LAKE – A Counter-Narrative VIDEO

I completed my final class project and I thought I would share the video I narrated with memories from when I was a little boy, I wrote it in the present tense. Travelling across the lake to our trapline with my father paddling us. It’s more a slide show than anything, along with text.

It is a counter-narrative in that it is an example of going out on the lake as an underprivileged family that does not have the riches to use a big boat or take huge supplies with only what we have.

askīwikīsikāw – Canada Day

askīwikīsikāw – Canada Day, this is how we say this holiday in Woodland Cree, the literal translation is “earth day” because there is no word for Canada in Cree, we use the term to denote anniversary or birthday. Audio available onsite.