Below is a list of stories available on this wonderful site.

Blue Dress– A story of a native girl who cries out from a distant past. 
Sōniyāw Reserve – A Christmas Carol – A First Nations version of the famous novel by Charles Dickens
Moon Rising– Three young men investigate a mysterious animal attack.
kipoc (kipoch)– An idiot wanderer (trickster) tries to emulate birds
Kipoch saves the Sun (according to him)– The idiot decides that he wants to be involved in how the sun works
Chris and Amanda: Lost in the Rez– Two children wander too far from their home.
Forbidden Drive– The story of a couple out on the road to nowhere.
Into Life’s Circle– A Medicine man helps out an old friend but it has a different outcome.
Native Secret Society (NSS)– For many years, especially the last several years, there has been a society that runs things in the background. Not even the current Chief  & Council know about its existence.









Please follow the links to get to the story.

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