My visit to Pesiw Lake – nikīyokān pīsiw sākāhikanihk

I recently went to my childhood summer home of Pesiw Lake. I took my wife and grandchild to the landing of the lake because I wanted to see how it looks after all this time. It was a place that I have many fond memories of, as you have read from the previous posts.

The road leading to the landing brought back many memories and I was saddened to see clear-cutting of trees along the way.

Before we got to the landing, we got to the area where we used to have our shack tent and my father took the back seat of a broken down car and made a bench of sorts for us to sit on near our picnic table. The metal skeleton was still there, albeit, in it’s rusted glory. The stakes that held it together were rotted and long broken down, so now the back seat was laying on the ground.

When we got to the landing, it reminded me of the time when I was sitting the edge of the shore and a rabbit ran right past me from left to right on the landing picture below and then one of my aunt Alice’s dogs chasing the rabbit as I sat dumbfounded as the events were happening around me as a 6 year old. I really don’t know if the dog ever caught the rabbit.

When we got to the cabin of the late David Ross, it reminded of the time my late grandfather told me he bought insulation from “tīpit ” David for “teeeeen bucks” – $10.00.

Near this cabin, I saw an old canoe that may have belonged to the late David Ross. It was awesome to see how it broke down by age over the years.

The landing at his cabin area reminded me of the time my cousin James Ross showed up at David’s cabin with soaking wet pants from falling into the frozen lake. We warmed up in David’s cabin and told our grandfather what had happened to us.

In my next picture below, I lamented the fact that I did not have a canoe or boat to go across to see the old cabin site where we lived during the winter time.

Behind one of those points, is where we had our cabins and lived some of the best times of my life. My grandfather – nimosōm, was such an awesome storyteller, most of his stories may have been just stories to entertain me, but he told them so well, I believed it all. I miss nimosōm.

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