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She’s sweet but a psycho – ī-sīwisit māka wītha ī-kīskwīt

This is the literal meaning but being sweet would mean s/he is kind (ī-kisīwātisit).

ī-kisīwātisit -s/he is kind

This song has run through my mind time and time again so I thought I would make a Cree meme out of it.

Images from Pixabay – 

kāwitha macīthihta – Do not have bad thoughts

Cree audio added for the meme.

A little poem I wrote back in March 2019 (if you can call it a poem) using a picture I took in May 2019 at Montreal River in La Ronge, SK.

I am sure there are variations to my interpretation, please feel free to express your opinions. Please share 🙂 ➡

My granddaughter chases a rabbit

My wife and I, took our granddaughter, Akiela for a ride and we saw a rabbit on the side of a road and she decides to chase it. Shaky video because I was totally unprepared for it.

My granddaughter chases a rabbit

nōsisim nawaswātīw wāposwa

wāpos – rabbit

Source: itwêwasinahikana – 

Rubber Boot at the Window – kinokātīwaskisin wāsīnamānihk

Whenever there was a big thunderstorm, my late grandmother would put a rubber boot at the window. Thunderbirds do not like rubber boots and it drives them away, it worked every time.

awīyak kāstāt kinokātīwaskisin wāsīnamānihk, pithīsowak kita-pōni kitowak

When someone puts a rubber boot at the window, the Thunderbirds will stop calling

Not an actual Thunderbird.


Fellow LLRIB Member – Russell Mirasty, is the new lieutenant governor of Saskatchewan.

Russell Mirasty will be sworn-in at a ceremony at Government House in Regina on Thursday morning. (Troy Fleece/The Canadian Press)

If you’ve been paying attention to the news, you have heard that a fellow Lac La Ronge Indian Band (LLRIB) member of mine, has become the new lieutenant governor of Saskatchewan, Russel Mirasty. He was appointed by Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau. “‘I was humbled to receive the phone call from the Prime Minister and I was very pleased to accept his request to serve as Her Majesty’s representative in Saskatchewan,’ Mirasty said in a statement”. (

I have personally met the lieutenant governor a handful of times and every time, he was the perfect gentlemen. He was very articulate, a well spoken man. He assisted our band with community safety meetings and advised us on ideas that can be utilized by the communities. While I was not involved with the meeting, I was the one who shot the video and took the pictures. The following YouTube video is one that I posted for our LLRIB channel:

He was recently interviewed by our local radio station, MBC Radio, and his fluent Cree was excellent. As I have said, I have met him before but he only spoke English. In the interview, his Cree was very familiar because he spoke as one of us, a La Rongian Cree that is distinct from the other outlaying communities. You would have to be a local to understand but I am sure there are similarities in your communities as well.

While I do not necessarily pay attention to politics, I think this is a good thing for our province. From the comments on the CBC article, many people are in full agreement to this appointment, of the NEW lieutenant governor of Saskatchewan.

Congratulations Russell Mirasty!

CBC Saskatchewan – ‘This is historic’: Indigenous leaders applaud choice of Russell Mirasty as new Sask. Lt.-Gov.

Sask. has a new Lieutenant Governor

It’s been a long time since Sasquatch was photographed, I wonder if he is still alive?

This meme was inspired from several Facebook memes I’ve seen this past week.

tāpwī kayās aspin kā-masinipīsimīt mistāpīw, matwānicī kīyāpic pimātisiw?

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

Woodland Cree Names – nīhithow wihthowina

The following names are ones I have heard locally as real names or nicknames. I did not use or suggest any derogatory names from insults or body parts.

There are audio clips included, however, the names are sometimes pronounced differently. This blog post is just for fun and not a proper list to go by. Any suggestions are welcome, thank you.

Phonetic or suggested spelling Standard Roman Orthography (SRO) Meaning
Iskwesis or Skwesis iskwīsis girl
Nitanis or Tanis nitānis my daughter
Iskwew or Skwew iskwīw woman
Napew nāpīw man
Achahkos acāhkos star
Sekwun sīkwan spring (season)
Kona kōna snow
Pesim pīsim sun, also means month and moon
Wapun wāpan dawn
Sakastew sākāstīw sunrise
muskwa maskwa bear
mahigun or mahikan mahihkan wolf
Makeses mahkīsīs fox
Wapos wāpos rabbit
Sekos sihkos weasel
Mikisew mikisiw bald – eagle
Niska niska goose
Wapisew wāpisiw swan
Tipiskaw tipiskāw night


The Money I Make – sōniyāw kōsihak

A total of $110 was transferred to my bank account, when I only had $2 to my name.

My website has had ads on since 2012 and from then to October 2018, I made a total of about $10.61, that is it.

From November 2018 until June 21, 2019, I made $104.44 in ads because I started creating and developing more content in stories, Cree translations and memes.

I use the lowest ads setting because I do not want too many intrusive ads on my website. It takes longer to make money and a developer must wait until there is a threshold of $100 before money is transferred to a bank account.

So, this is the first I have ever made a dime on this great website, and it only took seven years, ha ha. I put so much work into my website, but it does not feel like work. It is a privilege for me to be able to provide a bit of entertainment and to share my stories with the fine visitors to my website and followers of my Facebook page.

My work is almost completely independent, no grants or funding of any kind. It is a labour of love and I will continue to keep the website online, as long as I am capable.

ninanāskimon kā ayimihtāyin nitācathohkīwina. Thank you for reading my stories.

Money – sōniyāw

The Money I Make – sōniyāw kōsihak

My money – nisōniyām

Your money – kisōniyām




I had a dream – ikī pawātamān

Betsy's Dreamcatchers website image

Like most people, I had a dream last night. I had the power of flight and I flew over my home community of Hall Lake in the middle of the night. Flying just over the treetops with wind going over me. It was an amazing feeling but as I flew and started giving my power more thought, I started to lose control of my flight and even started to descend. Terrible, but it was nice while it lasted.

I had read stories about how a wihtikō can fly into the south wind and had a dream about later. It was cool to fly into the wind like that because it was like being a human kite.

I remember one time my mom told me she dreamt of herself throwing away, fish. One after another she was throwing them away. She vividly remembered and wondered out loud what it might have meant. She figured it was symbolic of wasting money. I honestly didn’t know myself, but I always enjoy hearing about dreams and how silly they can become. I even try to “interpret”, as it were but I doubt I am ever correct.

Betsy’s Website image

What do dreams actually mean? According to the Dream Dictionary website:

Symbols are the language of dreams. A symbol can invoke a feeling or an idea and often has a much more profound and deeper meaning than any one word can convey. At the same time, these symbols can leave you confused and wondering what that dream was all about.

According to Psychology Today website: “Dreams are the stories the brain tells during sleep—they’re a collection of clips, images, feelings, and memories that involuntarily occur during the REM (rapid eye movement) stage of slumber.” I concur with both explanations

I forget most of my dreams in the morning but when they are vivid, I remember them forever. I’ve had series of nightmares and series of great dreams that made me happy. Some made me sad but when I think of those, I cannot recreate the feeling when I’m awake or grasp the deep sadness. Some feelings in dreams are so different that I never feel them when awake. That is fascinating to me because it is really like dreams are another world or another universe even.

Betsy's Website image 

While I’m on the subject of dreams, please check out my aunties website that I built for her to showcase her creations:

pawātamowin – dream

ī-pawātamān – I am dreaming

My friend’s clock that is written in Cree – niwīcīwākan opīsimohkāna ka-nīhithowī-masinahikāsothit

I recently completed a Cree clock for niwīcīwākan (a friend of mine). It shows his ōsi (boat) on Bigstone Lake, SK. Beautiful shot and makes a great Woodland Cree Clock, don’t you think.

My friend’s clock that is written in Cree – niwīcīwākan opīsimohkāna ka-nīhithowī-masinahikāsothit

My friend – niwīcīwākan

masinipīsinowin – picture or photograph

pīsimohkān – Clock

ōsi – boat

More references to “boat,” can be found on the link below: