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Rubber Boot at the Window – kinokātīwaskisin wāsīnamānihk

Whenever there was a big thunderstorm, my late grandmother would put a rubber boot at the window. Thunderbirds do not like rubber boots and it drives them away, it worked every time.

awīyak kāstāt kinokātīwaskisin wāsīnamānihk, pithīsowak kita-pōni kitowak

When someone puts a rubber boot at the window, the Thunderbirds will stop calling

Not an actual Thunderbird.


It’s been a long time since Sasquatch was photographed, I wonder if he is still alive?

This meme was inspired from several Facebook memes I’ve seen this past week.

tāpwī kayās aspin kā-masinipīsimīt mistāpīw, matwānicī kīyāpic pimātisiw?

Image by Ryan McGuire from Pixabay

That’s so nice of you – feeding the squirrels – tāpwī kimithohtwān ī-asamacik anikwacāsak

Woodland Cree audio clips after the cartoon

That’s so nice of you – feeding the squirrels
tāpwī kimithohtwān – ī-asamacik anikwacāsak

Oh, I’m not feeding the squirrels
Eee, namōwitha anikwacāsak kā samakwāw

I’m feeding the hawks
kīhkīhkwak ōma kāsamakwāw


A big thank you to Jim Benton, for giving me permission to use his cartoon.

Meme source –

With permission from Jim Benton:

Bad Cree Names for Dogs – maci nīhithow wihthowina, atimwak ohci

maci wihthowina, atimwak ohci – Bad Names for Dogs

atim – dog

atimwak – dogs

pahpi – laugh

awas – go away

āstam – come here

kīwī – go home

api – sit down

cīskwa – wait

Indian Time – Woodland and Plains Cree

There is a running joke among the reserves about “Indian Time.” I understand it as a reference to how First Nations people use the time on their clocks or watches, sparingly (to put it mildly).

I hope I don’t insult any of our fine First Nations people with the use, but it is used prominently in many gatherings and meetings (not to try and perpetrate the stereotype).


Urban Dictionary – Indian Time –